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What people says about book - I Can I Will

This maiden attempt by a young professor of management in the field of self-help books is a noteworthy contribution for the guidance of youngsters. This book will not only help them reaching professional excellence but also in their personal growth and development. I wish Dr. Mittal a great success.

- Dr. Justin Paul University of Washington, USA

The book 'I Can I Will' by Dr. Arun Mittal is a work to motivate and guide students, professionals all other who wish to achieve success and looking for a great career. The book gives clear cut guideline regarding the dos and don’ts of success. The contents of the book seem so interesting and convincing the one would not be able to stop him/her without reading the full text of the book. I wish Dr. Mittal all the best for publication.

-Dr. Raj Agrawal / Director (CME), All India Management Association, New Delhi.

The book by Dr. Arun Mittal titled 'I Can I Will' is really a very inspiring and awakening journey through a series of some of the most apt stories and examples of successful people. Dr. Mittal has an art of presenting the essentials of success in a very lucid manner. The examples included in the book provides the reader with systematic clues for understanding the concepts of success formulae, and it takes you to a level where you feel that success is possible for you as well.

-Dr. P. K. Sikdar / President, Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt. Ltd & Former Professor, IIT Mumbai.

Excellent! A truly readable book! This book is like a school of personality development, which encompasses many mantras of success in its 21 lessons. These mantras not only throw light on the various rules of personality development, but also enumerate the way to implement them so as to make one’s life a success. A thoroughly practical and knowledge-inspiring book.

- Dr.S.L.Gupta Dean, Waljat College of Applied Sciences, Muscat (An academic partner of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi

A book which explains many of the untouched topics of human behavior, personality development and success in an extremely interesting, practical and extensive manner. It also contains the principles of goal-setting, and an analysis of the techniques involved in achieving them.Undoubtedly a radable book worth collecting.

-Dr. Nawal Kishor / Professor, School of Management Studies, IGNOU

Dr. Arun Mittal, in this book, has covered certain significant subjects in regard to achievement of success, which are not normally found in many of the self-help books. If you want to achieve success along with happiness, then this book is exclusively for you. This book not only deals with individual success, but gives directions for positive changes for the society. A book extremely useful for today’s generation. An inspiring book written with great responsibility.

-Dr. Munish Makkad / Director, Birla Institute of Technology, Noida

More Endorsements

The book ‘Success is Simple’ by Dr. Arun Mittal is a very innovative and practical guide to success for all those who wish to get success without sacrificing personal happiness. The content is inspiring as well as convincing. The most interesting aspect of the book is its the part that includes the dos and don’ts of success. The mantras are simple but effective. I wish Dr. Mittal all the best for this excellent piece of work.

Prof. M. Ashraf Rizvi, former professor IIM indore, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow

Finally a self-help book that can actually be put to practice. A simple and practical book that is also interesting and inspiring. The rules are all supported by practical examples and anecdotes. Such a book becomes more important when written by a teacher who is in constant touch with young and intelligent youth of today. The messages are equally relevant to readers of all ages. Best wishes to Dr. Mittal for his effort.

Deepak Singhal, Chief Executive Officer, Silver Circle

In his debut venture, Dr Arun Mittal talks about the simple ways to succeeding in life. Interspersed with life-enriching short stories, the book gives an easy road map to success. Significantly, each of the 21 chapters begins with a quote by a philosophers/thinker, whose meaning is then explained in detail thorough motivational text and educative stories. The book is meant not just for students and professionals, but for all those out there who want to lead a peaceful and comfortable life.

Rajkumari Tankha, Freelance Editor and Writer